The Environment

Teitur Travel realise that we are an integral part of any solution to climate change and we wish to prepare for a future where carbon is likely to be high cost and highly regulated.

„Today we are offsetting our carbon emission by around 20% and all our busses run on VLO nature Diesel“

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Growth in the world’s population and increasing consumption is expected to lead to a three-fold rise in energy demand during the next century, which is thought will lead to a 2–4º centigrade increase in average global temperature.

Scientific consensus is that we need to reduce emissions by 80% in the next 50 years to stabilise our climate and prevent unprecedented negative impacts on the economy and our climate.

Teitur Travel realise that we are an integral part of any solution to climate change and we wish to prepare for a future where carbon is likely to be high cost and highly regulated.

In order for Teitur Travel to commit to and achieve significant emissions reductions, we need a robust carbon management plan, which combines internal reductions with a carbon offset programme.

In 1996 Teitur Travel began focusing on carbon emission reduction of our fleet and pruchased a land at Skyrkletta in Laugarási, Biskupstungum

This land can only be used for forest development and is ideal for our carbon emission ofsset program. Since inception of our program we have planted over 16,000,- trees. Today we are offsetting our carbon emission by around 20%

In 2014 our guests planted in co-operation with Kópavogur IPT and Smáralind over 3000 plants in Kopavogur Guðmundarlundur